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Two years have passed since the people of the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the EU. Fifteen months have elapsed since the formal request to leave was made, under Article 50 TEU. During this time, while other Europeans have grown used to the idea of a Union without the UK, the United… Read More

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In our Poland Newsletter our guest contributor, Dr. Milosz Hodun, is giving us monthly updates about current news, events and all other things you need to know about Poland. Read the June edition here!

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  With a seemingly shifting world order, expectations towards the European Union are growing with regards to its ability to transform. French President Emmanuel Macron laid out his vision for a more integrated Europe early during his presidency and made clear that these ambitions could not be realised without Germany. Even though Chancellor Angela Merkel… Read More

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Um halb fünf Uhr morgens vermeldeten die Pressesprecher des Europäischen Rates Vollzug: Eine Einigung zwischen allen 28 EU-Staaten sei erzielt. So mancher Beobachter rieb sich danach verwundert die Augen, und das nicht allein aufgrund der nachtschlafenden Zeit.

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Im Oktober 2017 wählten die Tschechen ihr Parlament. Eine Regierung ist jedoch immer noch nicht gebildet. Jetzt scheint das wechselvolle Drama der Koalitionsbildung kurz vor dem Abschluss zu stehen. Inzwischen ist die Frage nicht mehr, wer die Regierung bildet, sondern vielmehr wer tatsächlich regiert. Der heiße Kandidat dafür ist Präsident Zeman. Das ist für die… Read More

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Immer wenn man denkt, es geht nicht schlimmer, kommt von irgendwo ein Trump-Tweet her. Auf dem Weg zum historischen Treffen mit Nordkoreas Diktator Kim Jong Un zog der U.S.-Präsident gerade mal drei Stunden nach dem Ende des Gipfels live aus der Air Force One seine Zustimmung zur gemeinsamen Abschlusserklärung per Twitter zurück. Zeit und Ort… Read More

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Humans of Freedom

IMG_3913I would have never imagined that I would be able to work together with people from countries, who back then decided about the future of my country. Today, together with my colleagues from other Member States, I can now actively shape the future of not only my country, but Europe as a whole. 

IMG_4105We always have to re-invent ourselves. That’s what makes life so interesting. That’s what makes our life an adventure and not a place of despair.
Our society is based on freedom. And freedom means change, means discussion, changing opinion and influencing each other.

AnnikaThe spirit that I got from home and which has shaped me significantly is the mind-set that only I am responsible of my life and nobody else. You can’t just stand there and wait for the things to happen. You need to go out there and do it and most importantly, work for it. Nothing in life comes for free, not even freedom.

LP1_7395Being a woman, a mother, a self-employed entrepreneur, and a political activist is hard and I often feel discriminated against. Still I keep fighting for liberal and human rights since for me reforming the society I live in is a deed of responsibility

A lively dialogue is based on tolerance and mutual respect. Our activities aim at promoting and developing these basic values through intercultural exchange.