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Schicke Fachbegriffe und kreative Konzepte kursieren derzeit in Brüssel und anderen europäischen Hauptstädten, wenn sich die Diskussion um die Zukunft Europas dreht. So ist etwa die Rede von „flexibler Solidarität“ in der Flüchtlingskrise oder dem Modell der „Kontinentalen Partnerschaft“, das zukünftig die Beziehungen der EU zu Großbritannien regeln könnte. All diese Ideen sind Ausdruck davon,… Read More

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On the bus, at the gym, in the park – we increasingly consume media contents whenever and wherever it suits our schedules. The latest U.S. series, a new French movie or the BBC news play on our smartphones, tablets or internet-enabled TVs. It’s high time to update European legislation on audiovisual media, primarily laid out in a Directive dating back to 2010, to meet this new environment.

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Only one day after The State of the European Union speech by President Juncker and the update on the European Investment Plan, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) launched the four-day “2nd Entrepreneurship Academy” in Nafpaktos, Greece. After the successful first workshop in 2015 four partners joined forces to discuss about entrepreneurship and business… Read More

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We are celebrating International day of Democracy! Join us and other political foundations and partners to reflect on the meaning of key ingredients of democracy today such as representation, accountability, participation, inclusion and education.

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Charles de Gaulle, Mitbegründer der Fünften Französischen Republik, fragte einmal, wie man ein Land regieren solle, in dem es 246 verschiedene Sorten Käse gebe. Das Kandidatenfeld sieben Monate vor der ersten Runde der französischen Präsidentschaftswahlen im April 2017 ist ähnlich unübersichtlich und zersplittert – und ändert sich fast täglich. Zahlreiche Kandidaten schicken sich an, die… Read More

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At the juncture of an ongoing conflict in Syria, porous borders on Europe’s outer fringe and continued instability in Ukraine, Europe is more unstable than ever since the end of the Cold War. NATO sceptics on either side of the Atlantic are running or will be running for elections in important allied countries. Stuck in the middle of a world defined by crises, we take a transatlantic look at the challenges ahead and what can be done, from Brussels or Washington, to help navigate an increasingly unstable transatlantic security environment.

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What does freedom mean to you?

NikosFreedom is the absence of obstacles hindering your aspirations. Another important part of it is the rejection of violence as a means to solve political differences.

Claudia_RundFreedom means the possibility to live a life without limitations or constraints.

CharanzovaTo me, freedom means being able to write what it means to me, for instance. I never take it for granted. I feel privileged to live in a system that guarantees my freedoms. We all should be aware that there are still many places in the world where people are not as lucky.

Juan Manuel Agüero_rundFreedom to me is the capability of all individuals to develop a plan of one’s own life without any type of intervention.

A lively dialogue is based on tolerance and mutual respect. Our activities aim at promoting and developing these basic values through intercultural exchange.