Upcoming event: “Asia and the next wave of democratization – Prospects for freedom, peace and prosperity”

Thursday, 31 May 2012, 12.30-14.00h

In the current global economic crisis, Asia has become the main engine of world growth. During the last decade of peace and prosperity, income levels have risen considerably and today a sizable middle class enjoys levels of freedom and wealth not known before. Many political scientists (among them Larry Diamond, Francis Fukuyama) are of the opinion that in case there is another wave of democratization in the world, the place where this is most likely to happen is Asia. Many Asian countries show a level of per-capita income and human development which would allow to support political transition processes towards more democracy.

But as the Freedom Barometer Asia of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation shows, not only economic freedom has improved significantly but also civil and human rights show measurable progress. What are the prospects for further advances in freedom in general? What can we expect from Asia in the years to come? Which countries are the most likely candidates for democratic change? These and other questions will be addressed by Dr Rainer Adam, our Regional Director for Southeast and East Asia.

An event in cooperation with the European Liberal Democrat and Reform party.

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