Upcoming event: “Between Confederacy and Federation: What Polity will stand in the End?”

Source: flickr.com. gepiblu

Wednesday, 6 June 2012, 19.00-21.00h

The discussion about the European project and its finality, which means its realization, began with the Eastern expansion at the latest. During the last decade the focus was on the question to what extent the process of deepening and widening inside a multi-level-system are antagonistically opposed. Furthermore, the “two-speed Europe” has been the topic of controversial discussion for years. Today, this is a reality: Schengen area, Eurozone and Fiscal Pact exist concurrently and demonstrate the positive influence of cooperation in these areas in finding solutions for the political integration process. Today, we would like to conceptualize ways in which Europe could become a political union by consolidating federal principles, democratic structures and subsidiary arrangements. Will the result of the continuous unification in the end be a union of states  or a European State, possibly legitimized by a referendum process in the member states? What could a “United States of Europe” look like? Would we need the right of initiative for the European Parliament, the Europeanization of voting rights, or the direct election of the president of the European Commission? What could a future constitution look like, if it were to embody both nation state and federal elements?

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