FNF at Kick-Start Workshop of the new EU co-funded project of the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP)

On Wednesday, representatives of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the other German and European political foundations came together to discuss the priorities and objectives of the new ENoP project, which carries the title “Building a bridge towards socio-political stakeholders for an effective EU development assistance – enhanced dialogue with and within the European Network of Political Foundations”. The new project will go beyond technical assistance and move towards the common goal of engaging in an enhanced dialogue with the EU institutions and wider civil society as well as influencing EU policy in areas of common concern. ENoP members have therefore identified six thematic fields on which they want to focus in the next three years: democracy support, joint Africa-EU strategy, development assistance, enlargement and neighbourhood, citizenship and financial instruments. Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is one of the co-founders of ENoP and is looking forward to contributing with its expertise in the above mentioned areas and to cooperating with colleagues from all over Europe in shaping these policies at the EU level.