Finding liberal answers to migration and social mobility

Young European liberal decision-makers recently took part in a two-day conference about Migration and Social Mobility in Malmö, Sweden, organised by the European Liberal Forum, with the support of the Bertil Ohlin Institute (Sweden) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, among others.

In an interactive format, the conference highlighted the benefits and need for a liberal migration policy, especially given the economic and financial crisis currently affecting Europe. High- profiled speakers included the Swedish Minister for Migration Policy, Tobias Billström, Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström, German MP Johannes Vogel, and Swedish MP Johan Hedin.

Johannes Vogel gave an intriguing presentation titled “Re:thinking Germany – Liberal Responses to the Shortage of Skilled Labor” which was paid close attention to by the roughly one hundred participants. “It is more necessary than ever that young people give thought to questions of labour migration and mobility”, the spokesman on labour policy of the FDP parliamentary group concluded. “The single European market is also a chance to realize one’s full potential even in another EU member state.”

>> VIDEO: Speech of Min. Tobias Billström

>> VIDEO: Speech of MP Johannes Vogel