Upcoming Event: “The Security Situation in Mali: Is the CSDP dust in the wind?”

Source: flickr.com, Maghraebia
Source: flickr.com, Maghraebia

Monday, 25 February 2013

Since the coup d’état in March 2012, Islamist and other separatist groups have consolidated their operational base in the occupied territory in the north. Besides the obvious security threats to the EU, which the spreading of Islamism terrorism to neighboring states poses, the progress of economic and social developments in the whole region are threatened. France’s solitary intervention in Mali is a reminder that the EU seems to be unable to take joint responsibility for security matters in its neighborhood and beyond. It raises the question whether the supposedly ‘Common Security and Defense Policy’ isn’t merely a paper dragon. What are the implications of the crisis? Is there a future for CSDP?

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