European Commission issues proposal on enhancing the democracy of European Parliament Elections

Last week, the European Commission published a proposal on democratic improvements for the upcoming EP elections scheduled for May 2014. The document, which you can download here, takes up four main recommendations the aim of which are to better inform voters Page_5_-_EU_electionsand encourage a pan-European debate with the intention to increase the voter turnout.

The Commission recommends that the European political parties nominate a candidate for Commission President and they display their European political party affiliation during their campaign in the member states. Voters should be informed about the candidate for President of the Commission by the national parties during the campaign. Furthermore, the Commission calls on the member states to agree on a singly common voting day, instead of spreading the election over a period of four days, as it has been the case up to now.

Andrew Duff, MEP in the ALDE group, said “The Commission is right to back Parliament’s call for the political parties to nominate their candidates for the next presidency of the Commission. The arrival of party political champions on the scene will dramatise the European Parliamentary election campaign across Europe, and offer the voters a real choice between competing policies and personalities. It would also be a useful innovation if the logos and names of the European political parties could appear on the ballot papers.”

Picture European Union Center of the University of Illinois