Upcoming event: “Boosting EU growth through the services sector: How can we break the political deadlock?”

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Foto BerichtFar too many EU countries are plagued by unsustainable levels of unemployment, deficits and debt – problems that can only be met by economic growth. At this debate, experts will debate whether greater liberalisation of the EU’s services market is one way to meet these challenges. The panel will also explore different avenues for how to break the current political deadlock in Europe holding back a dynamic services market, including the idea of “enhanced cooperation” – a quirk in the EU treaties allowing for a group of likeminded countries to press ahead with a more ambitious agenda.

Open Europe will also present a new report that demonstrates how beneficial creating a real internal market in services would be for Europe. To download the full report ” Kick-starting growth: How to reignite the EU’s services sector” click here.

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