FNF Greece: Liberal school’s out for summer!

GroupPhotoAs successful as the whole program was the closing session and the graduation ceremony of the liberal ” Seminars of Political Thought”, which were co-hosted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the European Expression Youth. The first cycle of the program (a second one will be conducted in autumn) focused on liberal ideas in Greece, from theory to practice, aiming to educate 25 post-graduate students and young professionals on the implementation of improved policies and procedures and also to discuss the contemporary challenges for liberalism. The seminars were held in six weekend courses, from February to May 2013, in Vouliagmeni, just outside of Athens.

The participants were selected from a wide range of applicants and beyond the theoretical discussions about economy, the rule of law, subsidiarity etc., they were trained in experiential workshops for rhetoric art, team building and political leadership so as to develop their skills and cultivate further their potential.

Clipboard01Prominent academics, politicians and experts from across Greece gave lectures on hot issues, among which the internationally known Professor Aristides Hatzis (also columnist for the New York Times), Dr Theodoros Skylakakis (MEP and President of Drassi), Professor Antigoni Lyberaki (Vice President of Drassi), and Paschos Mandravelis (columnist for Kathimerini). Independent speeches were addressed by members of the business sector, the chambers of commerce and local regulatory authorities.

The participants noted that the program exceeded their expectations and expressed their assertion to join more FNF programs in the future.