Strengthening liberalism in Spain

IMG_0189Liberal parties and think tanks from the Iberian peninsula convened on 13-15 September in Madrid for the fourth edition of the annual „Iberian Liberal Forum“. The event was co-organized by the Asociación Galega pola Liberdade e a Democracia (galidem) and the Movimento Liberal Social (MLS) with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

The forum was created in 2010 by liberal organizations and parties in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and Andorra with the aim to create closer ties between liberals throughout the Iberian Peninsula and unite efforts in strengthening liberalism in Southern Europe. The forum thus provides a platform for stronger cooperation among the various liberal parties and think tanks and aims at coordinated efforts towards strengthening liberalism in the Iberian Peninsula. In countries highly divided into a conservative and a socialist camp, liberal ideas have a hard time. Therefore, the various liberal groups need to combine their efforts in order to play a more significant role in the political process. This is what the ILF wants to accomplish.

On behalf of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Peter Schroeder conducted a training on political party strategy and elections, aiming at enhancing the cooperation between liberals of different Iberian regions.

Julie Cantalou