FNF Greece: Second cycle of Liberal Seminars in October and November

LiberalSeminars-GroupWith the excitement and the experience gained at the previous cycle, the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit gladly opens the Cycle B of the Liberal Seminars that will take place in Athens in October and November 2013.

The seminars will educate 50 post-graduate students and young professionals on the fundamental ideas of liberalism, such as the free market, the rule of law, and the protection of human and civil rights. Learned and recognized liberal academics from Greek Universities will address key lectures on their field of their specialisation. In addition, prominent specialists and trainers will prepare those participants who wish to engage in activism or politics, applying exercises on rhetoric art, political strategy and campaigning, anger management and team building.

The program will take place on four weekends, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, presenting each one of the following topics in every session. In a fifth seminar we are honored to host Dr Wolfgang Gerhardt, the President of the FNF board of directors.  Dr Gerhardt will give a lecture on how to build and run a liberal party, he will discuss with the participants, and will host the graduation ceremony.

Seminar I, 4-6/10/2013
Theory: Introduction to liberal studies; from past to the future
Practice: Building an argument; rhetoric art training and debating
Seminar II, 18-20/10/2013
Theory: The concept of the rule of Law in Europe and Greece
Practice: Political Marketing and campaign strategy
Seminar III, 1-3/11/2013
Theory: Free Market and the philosophy of liberal reforms
Practice: Political Marketing and communication
Seminar IV, 15-17/11/2013
Theory: The notion of liberal identity and self determination
Practice: Leadership Skills and team development
Seminar V, 23/11/2013
A special seminar on liberal parties with Dr Wolfgang Gerhardt

The group of academics consists of:
Dr Agtzidis, Historian, Athens Academy winning award
Professor Hatzis, University of Athens and columnist in NY Times
Professor Keridis, Panteion University
Professor Pagoulatos, Economic University of Athens
Professor Tsakirakis, University of Athens

And the group of specialists:
Fevgas Vassilios, Political architect and political campaigning consultant
Kasimatis Spyros, Educator and counsellor
Kokonas Dimitrios, Anger management specialist
Polychronidis Manolis, Rhetoric art trainer

The program is organised by George Lignos and Athanasios Grammenos.

The Liberal Seminars will take place at Hotel Semiramis, in Kifissia, only 30 minutes from the city center. For the users of Facebook you can “Like” us and keep updated on the Cycle B’ at: facebook.com/seminariapolitikisskepsisB.

The seminars are organized in cooperation with the alumni of Political Science and Public Administration deptartment at Athens University (PSPA), with the kind support of European Expression Youth.