Upcoming Event: “Animate Europe International Comics Competition 2013 – Award ceremony, exhibition and reception”

Wizard of Time
illustration by Emily Victoria Solichin

In order to broaden the discussion on Europe, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organised this year for the first time the International Comics Competition “Animate Europe”.

The aim of the project was to learn more about the idea of Europe, about how Europe is perceived by the citizens who do not belong to the political sector. In this context the artistic medium of the comics is considered to deliver highly authentic statements. Is there a strong vision of Europe? What should the future of Europe look like? Is the European system of values strong enough to survive in the global competition? The comics all show very different views and tell different stories. Some are critical of Europe, but all are positive in one way or the other and hopeful that the European idea will survive these troubled times.

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Twenty-one artists from fifteen coutries sent in their proposals, seven finalists finished their graphic short story: Gerardo Cornejo Lucaveche (Belgium), Luke Ellison (USA), André Slob (Netherlands), Emily Victoria Solichin (Indonesia), Marco Tabilio (Italy), James Turek (USA), Kilian & Lukas Wilde (Germany).

The jury, consisting of Willem De Graeve, Thorsten Ernst, Lilli Gärtner, Paul Gravett, Andreas C. Knigge, Marzena Sowa and Linda Torfs, chose the first prize winner.

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On 3 December, he or she will receive the award and all the finalists’ submissions will be shown in an exhibition at the Belgian Comic Strip Center. Join us for a special evening!

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In collaboration with Dr Lydia Thorn Wickert

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