Upcoming Event: “Navigating troubled Waters – the current state of the transatlantic relationship”

Wednesday, 4 December 2013, 12.00 – 14.00Venue: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Ave de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

“It’s better to talk with each other than about each other” has been a longstanding motto of the work of the Transatlantic Dialogue Program of the FNF. The last twelve months in particular have shown how vital open communication channels are: the NSA’s widespread espionage was met with outrage by the European public and even threatens to bring the negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to a halt. The failure of the US Congress to pass legislation appropriating funds for the following fiscal year which resulted in the 17-day government shut down as well as the domestic discussions surrounding the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – mockingly referred to as “Obama Care” – in Europe was met with incomprehension. Considering the issues that currently strain the transatlantic relationship – can we still speak of common values and priorities?

Four insiders of the US political scene will discuss and explain factors underlying current domestic US politics and how these issues will influence the future of the transatlantic relationship.

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Foto Source: flickr.com_flx.fshr