FNF Greece: Enabling civil society to act independently – Giving citizens a voice

FAMILY DSC_0815aThe Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) supports representatives of civil society all over the world, because a strong and independent “third sector” contributes significantly to freedom, democracy and self-determination. Therefore, working with civil society organizations (“CSO”) is a basic pillar of our foundation’s work in Greece.

From 06-08 December, the FNF in collaboration with the Atlas Network organized a “Civil Society Academy” in Athens to offer training to our local partners on various aspects of managing a liberal NGO.

PALMER DSC_0639aThe institutions who participated were the Liberty Forum for Greece (KEFIM-Markos Dragoumis), the Forum for Greece, the John Stuart Mill Research Group, the Students for Liberty-Greece, Learn Liberty.GR, and E2T2. In several workshops the participants discussed issues related to the crucial role NGOs play and ways for efficient management, administration, membership and leadership. Also, they had the chance to facilitate contact and discussions on opportunities for cooperation and partnership development among themselves.

Dr. Tom Palmer (Executive Vice President, Atlas Network) analyzed the topics of strategic planning and fundraising, Matthew Sinclair (Taxpayers’ Alliance, UK) spoke about communications and effective campaigning, and Zilvinas Silenas (Lithuanian Free Market Institute) lectured on project management, giving a concrete data analysis. PARTICIP 2 DSC_0795aLastly, Alex Skouras (Atlas) and Athanasios Grammenos (FNF) discussed with the participants the measurements and the results of each session. FNF’s Regional Director Hans Stein commented on the seminar: “We at the FNF are deeply committed to support liberal institutions with training and education, because responsible NGOs foster responsible citizens. Our partners in Greece are working for a liberal change and we are glad to offer them our help because their success will have a positive impact not only to the country, but to the whole of Europe as well.”

Athanasios Grammenos
Pictures: FNF-Europe