FNF Greece: Helping to restructure Greece from the bottom up

DSCN1952One week prior to the European elections on 25 May, the Greek citizens will go to the polls to elect thousands of municipal and regional councilors – and thus hundreds of Mayors as well. Not being represented in parliament on the national level, a success for liberal forces on the local level would come in handy.

To support liberal minded people in their quest to initiate reforms also on the municipal level, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) organized a workshop on campaign management and strategy. The seminar “How to make yourself heard – Strategic planning of an election campaign” was conducted by Peter Schroeder, one the Foundation’s most renown political advisors.

“The more liberal candidates are able to run a successful campaign, the more reform-oriented politicians have a chance to be elected to local councils”, Hans Stein, Regional Director, explained the driving force behind this initiative by FNF. “To convince people that liberal ideas actually work, it is best to get as close to the citizens as possible – and this is at the municipal and regional level.”

DSCN1955Among the issues raised during the seminar were strategic planning, data analysis, feedback from the electorate, communication strategies and internal party organization. Moreover, the participants simulated a model of their political campaign to experience the objectives of running in politics. Peter Schroeder, author of the publication “Political Strategies”, highlighted that a liberal campaign has to have a unique political message and must be capable to convince people of the added value compared to other alternatives. To do so, the Peter Schroeder suggested the use of direct contact with the citizens and not exclusively rely on distant means of promotion such as social media.

Athanasios Grammenos & Markus Kaiser
Pictures: FNF-Europe