ENoP launches profile paper “Political Foundations: Development Cooperation between State and Society”

Bildquelle: IUFEThe working group “Development Assistance” launched its profile paper “Political Foundations: Development Cooperation between State and Society” in the Austrian National Parliament, upon invitation of the Austrian ENoP member organization PolAk this week. Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is member of the working group and contributed to the paper with best practice examples from its own work.

The paper was introduced to members of the Austrian Parliament, the European parliamentarians with Africa (AWEPA), the parliamentary North-South Dialogue as well as representatives of civil society. The participants discussed the role that political foundations can play towards more coherence and effectiveness in development cooperation.

“In a rapidly changing world with often threatened, weak or non-existing democracies, Political Foundations fill a gap between public policies, globalized markets and civil society efforts by offering services which transcend the borders between states and between public and private actors.” They can contribute to more coherence through “giving a voice to people whose security, welfare and dignity development cooperation wants to improve.”

You can read the paper here.

Alba Çako

Bildquelle: IUFE