Upcoming event: “Europe and the Arab turmoil: Realpolitik or democratic transformation?”

800px-Demonstrators_on_Army_Truck_in_Tahrir_Square,_CairoMonday, 7 April
12.00 – 14.00 h

In principle, the EU pursues the goal of promoting democracy and prosperity with their policy towards North Africa. Three years ago the protests in the Arab World had a positive impact on the European public’s perception of the region. In the meantime a certain disillusionment has set in and by now analysts prescribe “strategic patience”.
The questions now rightfully being raised is how the developments in the three years since the “Arabellion” are to be assessed? What impact have the diverse European measures to stabilize the transition countries had? What are Europe’s future contributions to the promotion and consolidation of democratic reformation processes? What are the main obstacles to effective development towards a democratic future in the region?

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Foto credit: Ramy Raoof