Upcoming event: Turkey after the Presidential Election: Is the Rule of Law in danger?

3488049687_1423263354_bSeptember 30, 2014, 12.00-14.00

Venue: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Ave de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

Since December 2013 the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK
Party) has initiated politically-motivated changes that affect the Rule
of Law in Turkey. At the same time, relations with the EU have gradually
worsened, while the accession process has been stalling for

The polarized political landscape and political tensions might boil up after the presidential elections. Newly elected President Erdogan might introduce constitutional changes to increase his competences as President and keep tight control over governmental affairs. This event aims at discussing the results of the presidential elections, the nomination of the new Prime Minister and the impact of their leadership on Turkish politics and the reform agenda, as well as their relations to the EU.

Find the invitation here. Please register by 8 September 2014.

Picture: Flickr, © World Economic Forum