FNF Greece: County council members from Baden-Wuerttemberg pay a visit to Athens

noname(2)The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in cooperation with the Greek-German Assembly (DGV) welcomed a delegation of FDP local council members from the county of Waldshut to Greece. They met young Greek politicians affiliated with the FNF who were successful in the recent municipal elections of May 2014. Among them was Apostolos Siokas, a graduate of the FNF Liberal Seminars, who is now elected Vice-Mayor of the City of Moschato-Tavros.

The members of the German delegation were interested to learn about the economic situation in the cities and regions of Greece, as well as about possible development plans on the local level. Their Greek counterparts explained that the central government still has a stranglehold over the local administration and that, despite the reforms, the local administration is still vastly dependent upon state funding. However, during the crisis the local governments have proven to be an efficient institution which has offered solutions to the citizens’ core problems.

noname(3)After an interesting and long discussion, the leader of the FDP delegation, Klaus Denzinger, former mayor of the city of Wehr, concluded that Greece is a country with strong assets and hard-working people. “For the country to move ahead, the application of liberal policies – first and foremost the principle of subsidiarity– is needed, especially in critical sectors such as local administration”, the longtime local politician said. “Only applied subsidiarity will provide an opportunity for small communities to develop according to their own needs and potentials.”

Athanasios Grammenos
Photos: FNF-Greece