„Liberal Readings on Education“: Portuguese translation now available

WhatFoto_Portugiesisch 2 role should the state play when it comes to education and how should it be handled? These are central questions of the publication “Liberal Readings on Education”, which gathers answers by liberal theorists from Adam Smith to Friedrich Naumann and Ralf Dahrendorf. The now available Portuguese translation is published by the FNF Dialogue Programme Brussels, in cooperation with Movimento Liberal Social .

The original publication, edited by Stefan Melnik and Sascha Tamm and published in English in 2008, is part of the FNF Publication Series “Ideas on Liberty”.

To order hard copies of the Portuguese translation of “Liberal Readings on Education”, please send an email to brussels@fnst.org .

The English version can be downloaded here

Hard copies of the English version can be ordered in the FNF Webshop