Second workshop of the Dahrendorf Taskforce on the Future of Europe

IMG_20141119_101206From 18-20 November, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the European Liberal Forum organised the second gathering of the Ralf Dahrendorf Taskforce on the Future of Europe. The workshop brought together 28 participants from across Europe, many of whom had also participated in the first workshop in early June. Philippe Legrain, former economic adviser to Commission President Barroso, gave some food for thought at the beginning of the event. His recommendations on the reform of the EU triggered fruitful discussions in each working group.

The Dahrendorf Taskforce is a one and a half year project running a series of workshops throughout 2014 and 2015. It provides a platform for ELF member organisations to discuss liberal proposals for the reform of the EU institutions and the future of the European integration process. IMG_20141119_092933The four working groups:

“Reform of the EU institutions – Re-democratisation of the EU”,

“Foreign, Security and Defence – strong cooperation for a stronger Europe in the world”,

“Protecting civil liberties – a liberal footprint for Europe”, and

“Financial and economic crisis – liberal solutions for a Europe that works”,

built upon the discussions held at the first workshop and developed the proposals made in the discussion papers. The participants went about developing concrete liberal recommendations for each policy area. These will be gathered in a publication thus giving ELF members the possibility to participate in the ongoing debate on the institutional reform and the future of the Union with their own position.


Julie Cantalou