Publication: The European Union – Catalyst for Economic Freedom?

Each year, the Economic Freedom of the World Report measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries are supportive of economic freedom. Brochure_Econ Freedom

Studies have shown that economic freedom leads to higher investment rates and income levels, economic growth and a reduction in poverty –  all of which are desperately needed in the European Union today.

But what is the state of economic freedom in the EU?

Economic Freedom in the EU

In the Economic Freedom of the World Report 2014 most EU Member States rank among the top 40 out of 151 countries analyzed. Yet, some remarkable differences remain: Finland ranks 10th in the current report while Slovenia finds itself on rank 105.

In its latest publication, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom provides a detailed analysis of the state of economic freedom in Europe and looks at the European Union’s impact on economic freedom in its Member States.

Which countries are leading the field when it comes to economic freedom? How have ratings changed over time and what is the situation in the younger EU Member States?

The brochure also addresses the specific case of France and looks at how institutions may inhibit the development of economic freedom.

Find the brochure here: “The European Union – Catalyst for Economic Freedom?”

Read the article about this year’s launch of the Economic Freedom of the World Report here.


Photo credits: CMH