Publication: EU support for political parties

Today the working group “Democracy” of the European TunisiaNetwork of Political Foundations (ENoP) launched its second discussion paper:

“EU support for political parties – why does it matter and how can it be enhanced?”

Political parties are a fundamental part of functioning democracies, as they are tasked with translating the needs and opinions of citizens into policy.

This discussion paper explores three specific functions of political parties and how these can be fostered.

Firstly, it shows how parties are complementary to civil society and how bridging efforts can be made.

Secondly it explains how policy and ideology must be at the center of party support schemes.

Thirdly, it argues that internal democracy within the parties prepares future political leaders.

“ENoP members are strategically placed to contribute to this process. Not only have they acquired decades of experience in democracy support and civic education in Europe, they also have a long standing presence in partner countries all over the world. “

Find the full discussion paper here.


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