Internship at FNF Europe: Week 2

During the second week of my internship, my role within the Friedrich Naumann Foundation has diversified as I continue to gain experience and adapt to my new environment

9990024683_a37089e13d_zMy tasks this week have included researching the European Commission’s proposed Digital Single Market and attending a conference on the recent elections in Spain. A part of the European Commission’s Work Program 2016, the Digital Single Market initiative aims to stimulate the digital economy, with policy changes such as ending geoblocking within  the EU and providing greater protections for personal data.

On Wednesday I attended a group discussion on the topic of the recent Spanish elections. This was held at Renaissance Hotel in Brussels, hosted by the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Foundation Robert Schuman. Featured on the panel were a number of notable panellists, such as Antonio Lopez-Isturiz-White, the Secretary General of the European People’s Party. The decline of the two-party system in Spain, and the corresponding rise of new parties such as the left-wing Podemos party and the centre-right Cuidadanos party, has resulted in no party having the majority needed to form a government. If a coalition is not formed by the end of January, another election will be held. Together with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s European Affairs Manager, Håvard Sandvik, I will be researching any further developments in Spain over the next few weeks.

I have also contributed to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s work in Greece. Working with Markus Kaiser, project manager of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Greece, my tasks include preparing educational material to promote liberal, democratic values in Greece, as well as assisting with the translation of Greek speeches and documents into English. The work of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Greece has been invaluable in promoting unity among Greek supporters of democracy and liberal values.

After a productive second week in Brussels, I look forward to continuing my work at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation throughout the third week of my internship.