FNF Greece teams up with the Greek Liberal Monitor

Currently, the Greek liberal political spectrum is highly fragmented, without access to resources or media coverage, and therefore struggling in creating public awareness. capture_002_04032015_1102062A group of liberal-minded, media-related professionals recently decided to take their fate into their own hands and create their own media outlet.

The initiators of www.liberalmonitor.gr intend their website to be a “communication nexus” for liberals both from abroad and Greece. “It will function as a communication hub between Greek and international liberal forces, offering non-biased information in regards to the current political trends and the liberal agenda within Greece”, says Michael Iakovidis, one of the founders. It will also function as a tool for unifying and strengthening the liberal cause where possible within Greece and the EU.” Dimitris Pefanis, head-of-content of this start-up project, sums up that “our website strives for a more pro-European, more inclusive and more civic minded liberal Greek society by informing and promoting dialogue with interested parties outside of Greece.”

MI and SGW
Sir Graham Watson and Michael Iakovidis

This is exactly what FNF Greece tries to achieve with its training, information and education programs since 2012. Thus, the two organizations decided to join forces. “The FNF welcomes the efforts by the Greek Liberal Monitor to provide an online platform for discussion and rapprochement for all Greek liberal forces”, says Markus Kaiser, project manager of the FNF for Greece. “This effort is much appreciated as it is based on the individual engagement of several proactive Greek citizens aiming at an improvement of the situation of liberal forces in Greece.”

Therefore, the project office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in Greece and www.liberalmonitor.gr have signed a partnership agreement to deepen their already existing close relationship. Please visit www.liberalmonitor.gr regularly in order to keep up with news and developments inside and outside of Greece. It’s well worth it!

Picture: liberalmonitor.gr