Ralf Dahrendorf Taskforce Publication Series

Pic_RDTF_Paper HodunEver since its establishment in 1952, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has gained more and more influence within the institutional set-up of the European Union. Today, it is a dynamic actor restraining, furthering, and correcting EU and Member States’ policies and politics through its case law.

In this paper Milosz Hodun analyses whether the ECJ is in fact a covert ally when it comes to deepening integration in the European Union. The author shows how the Court has considerably influenced the process of integration in the past and he recommends pro-integrationist actors to actively use the Court’s procedures in their strive for deeper integration and federalisation.

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About the Ralf Dahrendorf Taskforce

The Ralf Dahrendorf Taskforce on the Future of the European Union provides a platform for ELF member organisations to discuss liberal proposals for the reform of the EU institutions and the future of the European integration process. The recommendations produced by working groups will be gathered in a publication presenting liberal recommendations for the future of the EU.

The work of the Taskforce is structured in four working groups:

  • WG I: Reform of the EU institutions – re-Democratisation of the EU
  • WG II: Foreign, Security and Defence – strong cooperation for a stronger Europe in the world
  • WG III: Protecting civil liberties – a liberal footprint for Europe
  • WG IV: Financial and economic crisis – liberal solutions for a Europe that work

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