Upcoming Event: “A matter of dignity? Risks and benefits of end-of-life legislation in Europe”

IMG_7517Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Venue:    Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

About the event:
Making laws which determine when and how a life can end is a sensitive task requiring empathy and understanding. The discussion on euthanasia and assisted dying laws is unfortunately often marred by a lack of this very understanding. False terminology and wrongful assumptions find their way into the debate while the experience of countries with long-standing euthanasia and assisted suicide laws is discarded.

There is no consensus on end-of-life legislation in Europe. Countries like the Netherlands and Belgium have allowed for euthanasia for more than a decade and Switzerland legalized assisted suicide already in 1942. In most countries however, doctors helping patients to end their lives still operate in a grey zone. In spite of the lack of an EU consensus, a recent poll by The Economist shows strong public support for assisted dying.

Parliaments in Germany and Britain are currently debating end-of-life legislation and final votes are expected this fall. Opponents fear that the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide could increase pressure on old and terminally-ill people to end their lives. Advocates on the other hand argue that it is a question of individual self-determination which – if not legalized – deprives people of the opportunity to end their lives in dignity.

Join our panel of experts for an in-depth discussion on the opportunties and risks of euthanasia and assisted dying legislation in Europe.


Håvard Sandvik

European Affairs Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation


Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Pott
Former Director, Federal Centre for Health Education, Germany, Chairwoman, Committee on Health, FDP

Bernhard Sutter
Managing Director, EXIT, Switzerland

Helen Joyce
International Editor, The Economist

Dr Benoît Beuselinck
Cancer specialist, University Hospitals Leuven

Caroline Haury
Programme Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation


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