Freedom Week 2015: You’re free to shape Europe!

500 million citizens in the European Union – 500 million visions of a good life. What’s important to you? Which life are you dreaming of?

At FNF Europe, we spent long hours in the past few weeks thinking about what’s important to us – and we produced this little home video to launch ‪#‎FreedomWeek2015‬.

Our conclusion? Use your freedom to make your vision of Europe become reality!


Other activities during the Freedom Week 2015:

22.09. Be free to decide
FreedomWeek_Logo_20150828_Final-Pink-LJoin us for our event on end-of-life legislation in Europe
23.09. Be free to speak
Have your say in Europe – but how exactly? Follow us on our Facebook page to find out!

24.09. Be free to be safe
Watch our blog to learn more about privacy online

25.09. Be free to shape the future
Freedom Week 2015 culminates in the big “Future Workshop” at the FNF Headquarters in Potsdam, we will be reporting life on our social media about liberal visions for the 21st century!