Boundless: Driving home for Christmas

Driving home for Christmas – that’s more than a song, it’s a feeling, a journey, a tradition, something to dread or look forward to.

It’s the end of the year 2415 and our comic heroes Lotte and Korr from the comic “Boundless” are on their way from Brussels to Lotte’s home town in Germany. With their hover car they speed down the highways and easily cross from one country to the next, anticipating the first cup of eggnog with Lotte’s parents.

Back in 2015, the concept of boundless travel in Europe has come under threat and discussions on fences and border guards are back on the table.

Why do we need Schengen? Lotte can think of many reasons – even beyond driving home for Christmas. And even more so, if Lotte can be friends with an alien, can’t we all welcome people into our societies who are hoping to build a better future?

Watch our little Christmas tale and get carried away on Lotte’s hover car in the European skies.

We wish you merry holidays and look forward to welcoming you back and hearing from you in 2016!

United in diversity we will become boundless!