FNF Greece: New Publication about “Enclaves of Freedom and Development”

A study group consisting of students and recent graduates of the Athens Law School developed the concept of establishing Special Economic Zones which could counter the omnipresent red-tape in Greece. According to this proposal, these zones would be governed by alternative economic policies, with less regulation,and would promote investment in Greece.

The institutional framework of the Special Economic Zone and its administration would be compatible with the Greek constitution, and would feature assurance and guarantees that the government will not reverse the changes established inside the zone.

You can order your printed copy of “Enclaves of Freedom and Development” by sending us an email, or download the PDF version here:

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Enclaves of Freedom and Development                         Νησίδες Ελευθερίας και Ανάπτυξης
English Version (.pdf file)                                                                    Greek version (.pdf file)