FNF Greece: The Greek Microstate Conference

Instead of looking to centralize government, what if
we looked to microstates for the answers to our current woes?


The existence of several successful microstates within Europe has given credence to the notion that small countries with limited governments actually work. Microstates are well situated to protect the fundamental rights of citizens and provide a better regulatory environment for entrepreneurs. Especially now, in the time of economic crisis and strain across the European continent, solutions are needed. Rather than further centralizing government in the wake of crisis, what if we look to microstates for answers? For that purpose, the “Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom” and “European Students for Liberty” propose the “Microstate Conference” on the Greek island of Crete in the beautiful city of Chania.

The conference aims to bring together hundreds of students, young professionals, and experts on microstates from all over Europe, and the world. The conference will feature lectures and workshops, all revolving around the inherent benefits of microstates for safeguarding personal and economic freedom, using such examples as Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland, Liberland, and even the ancient city-states of Greece.

On Friday, May 27, early-comers are invited to join European Students For Liberty and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in the evening hours at a social at a restaurant in the port city of Chania. On Saturday, May 28, we’ll kick off the conference at “Mega Place” in Chania with our keynote speakers including Pierre Bessard, president of the Liberal Institute in Switzerland, Vít Jedlička, president of the libertarian microstate Liberland, businessman Titus Gebel, and many more.

If you are between 20-35 years old, register now at www.microstate.eu!