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Animate Europe at Jubel Festival

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On 22nd September, we had an exhibition at the Jubel Democracy Festival in Brussels. This festival was the first-year warm up of a European Democracy festival.

Democracy and conversation festivals are embedded in the Nordic and Baltic countries’ DNA, where some of them have been growing for over 50 years.

Every year citizens, civil society organisations, public institutions and also politicians come together for a democratic experience with dozens of events, happenings, debates, forums, cultural activities and games organized. These are places where all sorts of topics can be addressed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Because of their popularity, similar festivals are now imported in Germany and the Netherlands, and possibly Belarus, France, the UK and Ukraine in the near future. Altogether, these festivals have attracted 430.000 people last year alone. The goal of Jubel is to create a similar emulation in the capital of Belgium with regard to European issues, in a broad sense.