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Already in the previous editions of our international comic competition “Animate Europe” in 2013, 2015 and 2017, we asked comic artists and graphic novelists from all over the world to share with us their ideas about Europe. Its overwhelming success is a clear sign that artists have fascinating visions to share: comic books, exhibitions and via the world wide web. Our comics travelled through Europe and overseas, they sparked discussions and inspired people to get involved with Europe.

In 2019, we launched a fourth “Animate Europe” competition round, to collect more exciting stories. This year’s topic is “Animate Europe +” the “added value of the European Union”. We received entries from 27 countries!

Let’s create discussions about Europe! Why Europe? We believe in a unified Europe and the potential of the European Union for freedom and peace. Europe is more than just the European Union. Europe represents peace, democracy, human rights and freedom.

In 2019, the winner comics of our past comic competitions are now available as animated short films.


The old lady gives no answer (adapted from the graphic novel by Magdalena Kaszuba, 2017):

“What can I do for Europe?” “How can we personally contribute to society?” We are not the only ones asking these kinds of questions. The protagonist of the animation of the comic by Magdalena Kaszuba is also seeking answers on these questions.


Erasmus and the seal (adapted from the graphic novel by Marco Tabilio, 2015):

 A seal discusses Europe! Its views inspire the work of Erasmus during a lively discussion inside the belly of a whale.


 The Union (adapted from the graphic novel by Nicole Krcmar, 2013):

Nicole Krcmar draws a dark vision of the future: The EU risks to break apart into North and South. Some hope remains that the states will reconcile again. However, could this grim vision of our society become reality?