Call for Applications Greece: Summer Symposium Young Leaders in the Liberal Order


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When:  July 7-11

Where: Porto Vitilo – Mani, Greece


Call for participants

Liberalism is the political theory that supports individual responsibility. If freedom leads to happiness, citizens must be free to pursue their personal goals. The same time, individuals, as social beings, need a robust democratic rule of law should societies grow and prosper.

Today, liberal order faces serious threats. Illiberal movements, populist parties and extreme views gain popularity proposing anachronistic answers to the many matters of our societies. How can liberals defend civil liberties and respect for human rights beyond clichés? What is the future of liberal order as the dominant approach to political affairs?

The Symposium invites young leaders who excel in social and political life, in a gathering dedicated to facilitate discussion on key contemporary issues and help them enhance their political skills. It is coming a few weeks after the European elections in the EU, and the Local elections in Greece, a moment considered perfect to assess the emerging political status of Europe.

Tip: The Symposium is part of the Liberal Laboratory (LibLab), a program equipped for debate, research and teaching, for the manufacture of liberal positions and progressive ideas.

The Symposium’s aim is dual: first, to explore the present and future of liberalism in Greece and the EU, and second, to converse about strategies to deal with the challenges that arise in the new political and social environment.



The Symposium is funded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, thus accommodation in twin rooms, meals and transportation from Athens to Mani and back are covered by the organizers. There is only a small participation fee of € 20,- to be paid on site.



Please fill out the Application Form and send it, together with your CV, by 7 June 2019 (5pm, GMT +2), to .

For inquiries you may dial +30 213 0 333667.

The Symposium is organized by the Greek office of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom, in partnership with the Young-Liberals-Greece and the Network of Liberal Councillors. It is supported by LYMEC and ALDE Party.


Mani and the Venue


Mani is considered the stronghold of freedom in modern Greece. A remote and mysterious region, and a 75 km-long peninsula, with a spine formed by the rugged Taygetus mountain range, it is inhabited since the prehistoric years. Its people claim direct descendance of the ancient Spartans. For centuries, the Maniots fended off the Ottoman army, while the rest of Greece was absorbed into the Empire. Still today, the Maniot flag bears the words “Victory or Death,” as opposed to “Freedom or Death,” which is used in the rest of the country, because, throughout the course of history, the Mani has never lost its freedom. The hotel Porto Vitilo is located in Karavostasi, right in the middle of the quaint bay of Itilo. It provides the ideal environment for the Symposium and it has quick access to local destinations of liberal interest.



Dr. Maria Gianniou, Certified Empowerment & Leadership Coach | Founder, Lead From Within

Anna Abrahamsson, ALDE Policy Officer

Dr. Athanasios Grammenos, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom



July 7, Sunday   Introduction

14:00-18:00       Athens-Porto Vitilo Mani (bus)

19:00-21:00       Induction Course: Objectives and methodology

  Young Liberals

21:00                 Formal dinner at the Hotel

 Keynote speech: Dr Athanasios Grammenos


July 8, Monday   The political concept of liberalism

10:00-11:30       Facilitated ideation workshop 1: Values, vision and freedom

  Dr Maria Gianniou

11:30-12:00       Coffee  break

12:00-13:30       Lecture 1: An introduction to liberalism

  Dr Athanasios Grammenos

13:30-14:30       Lunch break

14:30-16:00       Facilitated ideation workshop 2: Political leadership

  Dr Maria Gianniou

16:30-20:00       Visit to Areopolis (bus)

  Discussion about the Greek Enlightenment and the ideas of Freedom

21:00                  Group dinner at Areopolis (tba)


July 9, Tuesday   Network and capacity building

10:00-11:30       Facilitated ideation workshop 3

  Dr Maria Gianniou

11:30-12:00       Coffee  break

12:00-13:30       Lecture 2: Communication and influence for young leaders

  Dr Athanasios Grammenos

13:30-14:30       Lunch break

14:30-16:00       Lecture 3: Grassroots mobilization and electoral victory

  Apostolos Siokas

16:00-18:00       Workshop in groups: Political campaigning

  Eleni Siapikoudi

21:00                  Dinner at the Hotel

  Keynote speech: Apostolos Siokas


July 10, Wednesday     Dealing with the challenges

10:00-11:30       Lecture 5: The new session of the EU Parliament

  Anna Abrahamsson

11:45-13:15       Lecture 6: Politics from local to national level

  Anna Abrahamsson

13:15-13:45       Sandwich break

14:00-17:00       Visit to Kardamyli and Stoupa (bus)

  Meeting with local entrepreneurs

17:00                 Evening at everyone’s disposal


July 11, Thursday

10:00-11:30       Facilitated ideation workshop 4: Women in politics

  Anna Abrahamsson

11:30-12:00       Check-out

12:00-13:00       Presentation of political projects

  Moderator: Eleni Siapikoudi

13:00                 Graduation

  Sandwich break

14:00                 Departure (bus)






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