Call for Papers: “Europe: Liberalism vs. Authoritarianism”



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Authoritarian inspired public policies and legislation stand in contradiction to values and norms adhering to strong rule of law institutions, protected individual rights and freedoms, and limited government. However, sympathies and support for the authoritarianism among both public figures and public across Europe are spreading and growing. The next issue of The Visio Journal shall explore the question of whether liberalism is able to stand its ground against the backdrop of increasingly present authoritarianism in Europe.



  • Type: Empirical with regional- or country-focus.
  • Length: 25.000 – 30.000 characters without spaces.
  • Style: Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, Author-Date system (
  • Text: In a Word file.
  • Figures and Tables: In an Excel file.
  • Language: English (American or British usage, but not a mixture of these). Submissions by non-native speakers will be accepted if they have already gone through the language editing to make sure that the submission is free of grammatical, spelling, and other errors.



  • MONDAY, Sep 16th, 2019: Paper proposal with proposed title, concept note, and questions to be discussed submitted to Editor at with a subject line “The Visio Journal Proposal Submission.”
  • THURSDAY, Sep 19th, 2019: Confirmation of selected authors/papers.
  • MONDAY, Oct 18th, 2019: Manuscript submitted to Editor at with a subject line “The Visio Journal Submission.”
  • THURSDAY, Oct 30th, 2019: Feedback on the manuscript.
  • MONDAY, Nov 11th, 2019: Final version of the paper submitted.



  • For each paper accepted for publication in The Visio Journal #4, 500 EUR will be awarded to the author or authors of the paper.


To be eligible for a review process as well as for publication, manuscripts must be written, edited, and submitted according to the specifications and within the given deadlines.