Liberal Breakfast on the Austrian Elections

A joint event series of  the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and ALDE Party


Wedesday, 09 October 2019

Registration & Light Breakfast: 7:45h

Event: 8:00h – 9:00h


Venue: ALDE Party HQ, Rue d’Idalie 11, 1050 Brussels

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About the event:           


After chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s flirt with the far-right crashed spectacularly, Austria heads to the polls again. Even though Kurz is looking forward to celebrating a powerful comeback, the Austrian Liberals should not be disregarded. Glimpsing at what could become their best result in history, they are likely to come out on top in the elections.


Yet, with greater power comes greater responsibility. What are the chances of the Liberals forming government with Kurz and the conservatives? Will Kurz otherwise team up with the far-right again in order to return to the chancellory? How strongly did the Ibiza scandal even affect the result of the far-right? And after all, what are the lessons other Europeans can learn from the most recent events in Austrian politics?


Our next liberal breakfast aims to shed light on these and many other questions, so join us for a discussion with our distinguished speaker!



Thomas Ilka

Regional Director, FNF



Claudia Gamon



Ingrid Steiner-Gashi

EU-Correspondent, Kurier


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