Meet the Team Coordinators


Challenge 1

Martin Reguli is a senior analyst at the F. A. Hayek Foundation, a leading free-market think tank, focusing primarily on the areas of economics, social policy and foreign affairs at the level of Slovak Republic and European Union. He is active in the consultations about the education policy as well as the digitalisation progress in the V4 region. He helped organise multiple projects and conferences, bringing together different actors from the area of business, academia and the public sector. Mr Reguli has direct experience with work in the legislative chamber and with the research projects in the areas of foreign policy. He regularly appears in the media and offers commentaries regarding the key public policy areas.



 Challenge 2

Máté Hajba is the director of the Free Market Foundation, which advocates economic freedom, civil rights and tolerance. He is also the vice president of Civic Platform which runs anti-racist campaigns and promotes democratic values. He is interested in the relationship between the state and the individual and in the concept and history of liberty. He writes for international and national press and blogs on issues such as tolerance, international relations and the digital economy. To spread the concept of individualism, liberty, tolerance and free market, he co-founded a youth organization named Eötvös Club.



Challenge 3

Vytautas Žukauskas is Vice President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. He holds a Master’s degree in economics from Vilnius University and is currently in the final stages of his doctoral studies at the ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania and the University of Angers, France. His doctoral dissertation is in the area of monetary policy and financial markets. His other areas of research include shadow economy, competitiveness, sharing economy.



Challenge 4

Marek Tatala is Vice President and Economist at the Civil Development Forum (FOR Foundation) in Warsaw, Poland – a think tank founded by Professor Leszek Balcerowicz. He received his BSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol in England and MA in Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. He completed the CPPR-ACE Winter School in Public Policy Research Methods in India and the Think Tank MBA program organized by the Atlas Network. He is the graduate of the Atlas Leadership Academy and alumni of the Advancing Democracy program organized by FNF and the American Jewish Committee. His research interests include rule of law, law and economics, political economy and regulations constraining various individual freedoms.