Liberal Breakfast on the Irish Snap Elections

A joint event series by Friedrich Naumann Foundation Europe & ALDE Party



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08.15 Registration & Light Breakfast
08.30 Welcome
08.40 Discussion with Timmy Dooley

Fianna Fáil Politician and ALDE Party Vice-President



Following the call for a snap election Ireland heads to the polls on 8 February. This is the first election within the European Union to take place after the United Kingdom officially left on 31 January, and the future of Ireland and the European Union in a post-Brexit world will surely be on voter’s minds, as well as important issues such as health, housing and climate change.

The current political climate in Ireland is as fragmented as ever, and as none of the Irish parties are expected to win an absolute majority, forming a government will be a difficulttask that requires cooperation from all sides. Fianna Fáil was founded in 1926 and remains one of the most popular political parties in Ireland with a strong focus on improving the lives of families and communities by focusing on issues such as climate change,housing, childcare and mental health.

Which reforms do they propose for the upcoming years? Which political partners are they ready to work with? What role do they want Ireland to play in a post-Brexit Europe? Our next liberal breakfast aims to shed light on these and many other questions, so join us for a discussion with our distinguished speaker!




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