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Liberal Breakfast on the Slovak Elections

Following the call for a snap election Ireland heads to the polls on 8 February. This is the first election within the European Union to take place after the United Kingdom officiallyleft on 31 January, and the future of Ireland and the European Union in a post-Brexit world will surely be on voter’s minds, as well as important issues such as health, housing and climate change.

A joint event series by Friedrich Naumann Foundation Europe & ALDE Party


LB Slovakia(1)


When?      Thursday, 05.03.20

Where?     ALDE Party (Rue d’Idalie 11, 1050 Brussels)



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8.00   Registration & Light Breakfast

8.15   Welcome

8.25   Discussion with Martin Hojsik, MEP, Progresívne Slovensko

Moderator: Lucia Klestincova
Lights on Europe Podcast Host and Advisor at European Commission



Citizens in Slovakia will head to the polls on 29 February. At the moment, there are multiple parties across the political spectrum advocating for change in Slovakia, but exactly what that change looks like will depend on voters.
The current political climate in Slovakia is tense as the country becomes increasingly divided between pro-European progressives and the far-right. Cases of corruption over the years have created tension in the country, and this will certainly be on voter’s minds as they head to the polls at the end of the week. Progresívne Slovensko is a liberal pro-European party that advocates for areas such as equality, a just society, and sustainability. Last year, Progresivne Slovensko’s Zuzana Čaputová became the country’s first female head of state and rose to victory after fighting against corruption and advocating for justice after the death of journalist Ján Kuciak.
Which reforms do Slovak Liberals propose for the upcoming years? Which political partners are they ready to work with? How will issues such as corruption and the rule of law influence voter’s choice? Our next Liberal Breakfast aims to shed light on these and many other questions, so join us for a discussion with our distinguished speaker!




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