FAQ – Participants


Please note, that the hackathon will be taking place according to Central European Time (CET).


What is the online hackathon « Engage Economy Europe21 ! » about ?

Mentioned in the EU Treaties, social market economy stands for an economic order, which combines free markets and social protection measures. This concept, that has many different dimensions across the EU and has been changing focus over time, is currently revisited in the light of digital transformation, the increased use of artificial intelligence, as well as challenges to the cohesion of the European Union through crises.

Understanding the scope and impact of big data and algorithms on citizens, enterprises and governments is crucial to rethink roles and responsibilities in our economic and social model. In addition, the current COVID-19 pandemic is acting as a catalyst for digitalisation across economies and societies. Digital solutions are in demand, therefore supporting the rapid development, adaptation and promotion of digital skills.

Past and current crises have intensified the debate on solidarity among member states and the social dimension of the EU. A re-balanced economic system with a pronounced social approach could become the glue that holds a diverse Union together in times of uncertainty. Formulating innovative ideas, bearing a liberal imprint, will therefore be necessary to strengthen cohesion and enable a stronger EU.


Who runs the « Engage Economy Europe21 ! » ?

The European Dialogue Programme of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is organising a series of three hackathons. For the first hackathon, FNF offices in Brussels and Prague team up, engaging partner organisations and individuals from eight countries across Central Europe and the Baltic States. Two other hackathons will be realised across Europe later this year.


When will the first hackathon take place ?

The hackathon will start on Friday, 19 June, in the late afternoon and will end on Saturday, 20 June 2020 in the early afternoon. The dates for consecutive hackathons will be communicated at a later stage.


What is the agenda ?

You can find the agenda for the event here.


How is the online hackathon organised ?

The hackathon will include joint sessions and team sessions. For both session types, the main communication platform will be Zoom. Teams will deliver their pitches through the video presentation plattform Loom. There will be live-streamings, webinars, Q & A sessions and daily check-ins. For more information you will find the agenda here in due course.

Please preinstall both, Zoom and Loom software.


In which language will the online hackathon be conducted ?

The language of the hackathon is English.


What are the challenges ?

Organisers have identified four challenges which are up for discussion during the online hackathon and for which new ideas and policy approches are developed. Each challenge will be tackled by a team of participants led by a team coordinator.


Challenge 1 :

What role and responsibilities for business ? What elements for a framework designed to support enterprises conributing to a prosperous Europe ?


Challenge 2 :

How to ensure that social market economy is closely linked to democracy, values, fundamental rights and freedoms ?


Challenge 3 :

What role for ECB and other European institutions and organisations in a refitted Economic and Monetary Union ?


Challenge 4 :

How to steer trade policy so that it mutually benefits eonomies and societies globally ?


Who are the stakeholders ?

The European Dialogue Programme of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has invited partner organisations and individuals from among their networks from across Europe.


What will happen with the outcomes after the hackathon ?

The organisers will publish all pitches on the website of the European Dialogue Programme. Following the implementation of all three hackathons, generated ideas and policy approaches will be brought to the attention of a wider audience – within liberal circles and beyond.