Animate Europe Presents: Animating COVID-19


Europe in times of coronavirus – captured in fourteen graphic stories

Since 2013, our Animate Europe comic competition has been a vivid platform for cultural and artistic approaches to and exchange on European realities. Amidst the current situation, we are launching a special Animate Europe project: Animating COVID-19.

In-between competitions (the next round of Animate Europe is scheduled for 2021), we asked seven of our previous finalists to capture their creative interpretations of fundamental European questions during the coronavirus pandemic in on-page comics.

The results include questions like: How are Europeans coping with confinement? What unites Europeans while borders are closed and everybody is separated? Can fear be empowering to take political action? How can Europe grow and what should change when the crisis is over?

Our artists’ approaches to these questions are both personal and political, and: they are a really good read!

Click on this link to get to the Animating COVID-19 page.