Climate Adaptation – A Multi-Player Challenge

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Europe, 
in cooperation with the German Insurance Association,
is pleased to invite you to their online-webinar.




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Welcome by Thomas Ilka

Regional Director, FNF Europe



Lenka De Mauro

Head of European and International Affairs, GDV

14.05 Climate Adaptation via Sustainable Risk Prevention with Oliver Hauner

Head of Property Insurance, Engineering,

Loss Prevention and Statistics, GDV




14.20 The Communal View with Jan Rasmussen

Project Director Center for Climate Adaptation,

City of Copenhagen

14.30 Q&A Moderator: Lenka De Mauro
14.40 Panel Discussion

Andreas Glück

MEP Renew Europe, Committee on the Environment, Public Health

and Food Safety


Erin McGreehan

Fianna Fail Councillor Louth County Council, Ireland


Elena Visnar Malinovska

Head of Unit, DG CLIMA

European Commission



Moderator: Thomas Ilka

15.20 Q&A  



Earlier this year the President of the EU Commission presented a plan worth a thousand billion euros for a Green New Deal and the most recent discussion in Europe focuses on how to secure that the recovery post-Corona is green. Climate policy has been and will remain the prominent feature of the economic, political, social and scientific arena. This immediately impacts daily life decisions of individuals as well as investment budgets of the private and public sector globally.

In addition to measures to reduce CO2 emissions, another important focus of the debate is the adaptation to the effects of climate change. What to do about extreme weather events such as storms and heavy rainfall, which are likely to increase further? What measures should be taken against rising sea levels? How to deal with longer periods of drought? These questions are of pressing concern to political, economic and civil society actors on the ground.

At our upcoming event, we would like to contribute to the debate and discuss current good practices as well as remaining areas in need of action in the future.




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