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Competing Aims – Reforming Tax Policy AcrossEurope After Covid

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When? 15.10.20 | 15.00 – 16.00h [Online]


Kindly register for this event by 14. October at *


Thomas Ilka Regional Director, FNF European Dialogue

Presentation: International Tax Competitiveness Index 2020   Daniel Bunn Vice President of Global Projects, Tax Foundation, Editor of the ITCI

Panel Discussion  
Martik Agerup President, CEPOS [Denmark]
Alexander Laszek Chief Economist & Vice-President on the Management Bord of FOR [Poland]
Elena Leontjeva President, Lithuanian Free Market Foundation, Former Economic Advisor to the President of Lithuania  
Tom Clougherty Head of Tax, CPS [UK]
Moderation: Daniel Bunn  
Closing Remarks & Announcement of Essay Competition   Adam Bartha Director, EPICENTER


Tax competition is often presented as a zero-sum game, instead of an important policy tool that can foster growth and create further opportunities to all participants of the economy. Globalisation created a world where capital is highly mobile and businesses can choose competitive economies with the highest possible returns on their investment. Countries with simple and neutral tax systems have better chances of attracting investment, minimising tax evasion, and maximising economic growth. Yet, many European countries have chosen a path of complicated tax regimes, with high overall taxation and a great number of loopholes and exemptions.

In light of the pandemic and the ensuing economic challenges, maximising revenues and kickstarting European economies will become the priority of political leaders all across Europe.  Our seminar wishes to explore the best methods to achieve this and address the following questions:

  • Is there a contradiction between maximising tax revenues and pursuing high economic growth, or do they need to go hand in hand?
  • What are the best tax policies in EU Member States that would be adaptable in other countries?
  • Does the EU benefit from 27 different tax regimes or should policy makers aim for more harmonisation within the EU?
  • If the political goal is to increase the European Commission’s own revenues, what is the most efficient way to go about it?
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