We are very excited, and also a little proud,
to announce that our biannual comic competition Animate Europe
is officially entering its 5th round!


Graphic artists, we challenge you! At this very moment Europe must find its way out of many unprecedented challenges, not just the Covid-19 pandemic – think populism, or Euroscepticism, to name just two major examples.

Animate Europe #5 wants you to explore Europe’s options for transformation:

Let’s press Restart and see what happens!

The restart takes us back to where it all begins: the public. Let’s focus on European citizens, their realities, their priorities. The things they cherish, the things they despise. Their biggest fears and wildest hopes. What kind of restart would they stand up for? Which face, which vision of Europe do they represent?

And let’s study them where they actually are: in the Streets of Europe! The streets are the place where society interacts, where discourses are shaped, where ideas for change are formed, where true participation happens. What streets are we looking at? A network of endless staircases, a highway into the future? A sleepy countryside road, a spooky backalley? A spiderweb of roundabouts, a labyrinth of dead-ends? Who’s stuck on the sidewalk, who’s speeding off in the fast lanes? Where do roads end, where do new ones begin? It’s up to you:

Take us on a walk! This year’s topic is “Restart! – The Streets of Europe”.

Here’s what we’ve got for you

All finalists: Award of €1,000

First prize: €1,000 on top of finalist’s award!

The competition is open to everyone.
Deadline for submissions (first round) is
December 6, 2020.

Important!!! Submissions must adhere with our terms and conditions:

Finalists will be invited to our award ceremony at the Belgian Comic Strip Center, Brussels, in June 2021. Their works will be featured in a printed comic book publication as well as in an international travel exhibition.


Submissions will again be evaluated by an established international jury, comprised of comic artists Lucie Lomová and Judith Vanistendael, Director of the Lakes International Comic Festival Julie Tait, and Curator/Producer/Scriptwriter Kalle Hakkola.