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In 2013 and 2015, we asked comic artists from all over the world to share their ideas and visions about Europe with us. And since we’re in “Comic-Country” Belgium, of course we asked them to bring them down on paper in form of graphic novels!


To encourage this creative spirit, we called a new competition round in 2017 – this time asking them on how to “Re-Animate Europe”.

Find out more about the competition!

The Competition


Magdalena_WebsiteExplore the fascinating stories of our competition finalists and find out the diversity of their vision of Europe!

Here you’ll find the individual stories as well as the full online-versions of our comic publications.

The Comics


IMG_3824Take the chance and get up close with our comics and their visions of Europe: animate your own event and start the discussion about Europe’s future by exhibiting and getting your hands on your own copies of our graphic novels.

We would like them to be seen by as many eyes as possible!

The Exhibition


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