At the request of the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs who asked for innovative ideas to communicate about Europe, we came up with our international comic competition Animate Europe. The aim of this competition is to learn more about the idea of Europe and to see and discuss how it is perceived by its citizens – especially by those, who are not surrounded by political discussions in their everyday lives.

Animating Europe: Connecting comics and politics

We hoped that the comics we receive would ignite discussions about questions such as: Is there a strong vision of Europe? What can or should the future of Europe look like? How is Europe dealing with current crises? What topics and values lie at the heart of Europe and shape it? How can it regain its energy? Who or what will be the magical healer or super hero who can find the right medicine for Europe’s ailing heart? And that is exactly what the stories do: All of them tell very different stories of Europe’s past, present and future, its opportunities and problems. They serve as food for thought and a basis for discussion on the Europe we would like to live in.

Find out all about the competitions 20132015 and 2017 as well as the ongoing one: Animate Europe+.

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The competition – the technicalities

The competition is split in two phases: In the first phase the participants are requested to send a written proposal for a story together with the first finished page of the prospective story. Our expert jury the selects seven finalists who, in the second phase, finish an eight-page story.

All the finalists’ comics are online. You can download them or request a hard copy of the book. In addition, the comics are available in form of a travelling exhibition – after all, we want to talk about Europe and share our stories with as many people as possible!

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