Our first international comic competition “Animate Europe” came to an end on 3. December 2013: During the award ceremony at the Belgian Comic Strip Center, Marco Tabilio received the first price for his comic “Erasmus and the Seal”.
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“It was an excellent idea to choose Erasmus as protagonist”, said the jury. “A historical figure, a thinker, a humanist and at the same time one of the first Europeans. Tabilio chose a surprising constellation by placing the current Problems Europe is facing in historical context. Due to its surreal approach and humour, the story is didactic without being patronizing.  Tabilio‘s contribution is personal, appealing and full of graphic originality.“

The 26-year old Italian Tabilio works as illustrator, comics author and video artist in Hamburg.

Our expert jury consisted of:

Willem De Graeve, Director of the Belgian Comic Strip Center, Brussels
Thorsten Ernst , TV-author, Hamburg
Lilli Gärtner, Illustratorin, Leipzig
Paul Gravett, comics expert, London
Andreas C. Knigge , Comics expert, Hamburg, Kreta
Marzena Sowa , Comics artist, Brussels
Linda Torfs , owner of a comics shop and gallery, Antwerp


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Artists from fifteen different countries participated in the competition!

Get more info about the event on and our finalists in our Invitation and our press release (DE EN).

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