Animate Europe 2013 Leipziger Buchmesse 1
Animate Europe at the bookfair in Leipzig.

Animate Europe is not only a competition and of importance as such, but the resulting comics are also made into an exhibition. All our Animate Europe comics are available to be used in the framework of events on Europe. Both the originals and the roll-ups are continously on tour worldwide.

Animate Europe is mobile!

And you are welcome to use our exhibitions, too! Animate your own event and start the discussion on the future of the European Union. We gladly provide you also with copies of the books that go with every competition. After all, we as true Europeans would like as many people as possible to see them!

Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister, at the premises of the ALDE Party.

We sincerely care about Europe and consider it our mission to convince people of the European idea, especially young people.

With their diverse styles, our comics speak to an audience of all ages and can be a basis for discussion – in the context of an open exhibition, as background for an event or in the classroom.


Animate Europe 2017 @World Forum for Democracy
At the World Forum for Democracy, Strasbourg.

So far, we’ve had the opportunity of showing our comic exhibitions to about 60.000 people in various European countries at very diverse occasions: at the Leipzig book fair in Germany, the European Youth Event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Belgium, or at the Brussels Comic Festival to name just a few.

Apart from these big events, however, we think it equally important to bring the stories to schools or to smaller events to really make the most of them.


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Re-Animate Europe

We’re also happy to send you copies of our three comic publications. The 2017 publication Re-Animate Europe is available in English, German orFrench, the two others, Europe Fast Forward and Animate Europe, in English or German.

If you would like to have a look at the books online, click here.

You’re welcome to contact our Programme Coordinator, Charlot Uhrig, with any question you might have: +32 2 282 09 38.