Women in politics: How to design a successful female campaign


Greece has many talented women, who however have to give a battle against stereotypes before they actually “fight” an electoral campaign. It comes as no surprise that Greek women are underrepresented in politics, and what’s worse is that this is commonly accepted. The liberals favour a strategic approach to increase female participation and success in the elections, closing the gender gap between men and women. This was the idea behind the workshop “Women in Politics – How to Run a Successful Female Campaign” which took place from 28 to 30 September, in the vicinity of Athens.

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Greek Liberals in local elections – Challenges and opportunities



In view of the next local elections in Greece which will be held in one year’s time in conjunction with the European Elections, several liberal politicians have already started preparing for the electoral campaign. On Saturday, 30 June 2018, a young group of FNF affiliated local politicians and candidates organized a workshop discussing fundamental issues of political campaigning and strategy. FNF Greece responded cheerfully to the invitation to support the initiative which is the first in a series of political educational seminars to come in the next months.

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Re-Animate Europe goes Greece. Comic exhibition shown in Chania (Crete) and Oropos (Attica)!

Animate Europe Exhibition in Chania, Crete

For the first time, FNF’s international comic exhibition Re-Animate Europe travelled to Greece, a country that for many is synonymous with the cradle of democracy and philosophy. Hit by a severe economic crisis, Greece is the right place to debate Europe and get a genuine feedback of what the people believe. Less than a year before the European elections, there is a twofold purpose: share a new vision for Europe, as depicted by the comic artists, and acquaint the citizens with some of the common challenges the next European Parliament will have to deal with.



The first stop was at Chania, a picturesque town in Western Crete. The exhibition took place from 07-12 July 2018 at the historic “Café Kipos” in the Old Town. The visitors, Greeks and foreigners, had the opportunity to admire the work of the comic artists, discuss with the organizers their vision of Europe, and take a free copy of the comic book as a European souvenir.

On Tuesday, 09 July 2018, FNF Greece hosted a special open event presenting the exhibition to the Cretan public. Prominent members of the local society attended the event to learn about the initiative and to listen to the speakers’ contributions. The audience was greeted by Elpida Tsitsiridou, Vice-Mayor of Chania for Culture and Tourism, who expressed the view that art can be a meaningful means for political messaging in times of crisis. She added that the momentum for traveling with this exhibition in Greece is ideal because especially the younger generations have to realize their responsibilities and make serious decisions for their own future.

Next, Theodoros Stathakis, Mayor of the town of Kissamos, addressed the audience saying that it is an honor for Crete to welcome such an inspiring exhibition which connects the island with the rest of Europe. He said that because Europe is in a state of renewal, it will be critical in the next elections to defeat the forces of populism and euroscepticism.

Keynote speaker was Apostolos Siokas, Vice-Mayor of the City of Moschato-Tavros, Vice-Chairman of the Young Liberals Greece, and a known liberal from FNF Greece’s network. Apostolos elaborated on the fascinating stories of the comic competition, stating that they are indeed marvelous sketches of how young people perceive and understand the European idea. He focused on the stories which discuss issues of social concern and linked them to contemporary European problems. “Immigration, social inequalities, the debt crisis and unemployment challenge the EU’s cohesion and enforce the extremes”, he noted. “However, it is time for us liberals to unite in a pan-European campaign and respond decisively to those who question our common future.”

Lastly a small intervention was made by Vasilios Stathakis, Manager of “Café Kipos” and President of the “European Historic Cafés Association” (EHICA). He thanked the organizers for selecting the café for the exhibition and mentioned EHICA as an example of European common cultural heritage which pairs ideally with the scope of Animate Europe.




After Chania, the torch was passed to Oropos, an Athenian coastal suburb forty kilometres to the North. The collage of people of Attic decent and displaced Greeks from Asia Minor has created a dynamic and open cultural environment. In this sense it was a good opportunity to host “Animate Europe” in Oropos, following an invitation by the Mayor to present the exhibition at the city’s 3rd Annual Book Fair.

The exhibition was open to the public from 19-31 July 2018 at the historical building of the Old Penitentiary, especially inviting students, professionals, journalists, members of the local civil society and interested citizens alike to visit and grab their own copy of the comic book.

On Wednesday, 18 July 2018, the FNF and the City of Oropos hosted the opening ceremony for both “Animate Europe” and the Book Fair at the harbour. This year’s fair has a special focus on Europe and the European identity, so the topic of the comic book was very fitting to the overall theme of the event.

The ceremony was opened by Michalis Tolias, President of the Municipal Cultural Department, who thanked the FNF on behalf of the municipality for choosing Oropos to host the exhibition. Dr. Athanasios Grammenos from FNF Greece then described the central idea of the comic competition and its objectives: “We support the European idea, and we see Greece as an integral part of the EU. With this exhibition we aim to stimulate the dialogue about our joint future and stir reflections especially among young people.”

The keynote speaker was a distinguished guest, Haris Theoharis MP. An independent Member of the Greek Parliament and a liberal-minded politician, Theoharis elaborated on the meaning of Europe for today’s Greeks. “Since the late 1970s and for many years, Europe was an anchor for liberal democracy and a path to political transition”, he replied. “Today, the situation is different. Many new problems have emerged. However, the solution is neither to be found in isolation and nationalism nor in populism. Only within the framework of a united Europe we shall overcome our common social and economic challenges. We are looking for a modern European renaissance”, he concluded.

Lastly Thomas Roussis, the Mayor of Oropos, expressed his warmest regards for this pan-European event, hoping that it is only the beginning of a new connection between the City of Oropos and political happenings in the rest of Europe.




Markus Kaiser, Project Director Greece

Die Digitalwirtschaft in die (Steuer-)Pflicht nehmen

integrated microchip
Source: flickr.com/Kin Lane_CC BY-SA 2.0

Die Europäische Kommission hat in dieser Woche zwei Gesetzesentwürfe zur Besteuerung digitaler Unternehmenstätigkeiten vorgeschlagen. Das Ziel ist, derzeitige Steuermodelle an die Realitäten des 21. Jahrhunderts und insbesondere an die gestiegene Popularität von Internetkonzernen wie Google, Amazon oder Facebook anzupassen.

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“Er hat Mazedonien gesagt!”

Source: CC BY-SA 2.0 commons.wikimedia.org/ George Papadopoulos


Die griechische Volksseele kocht. Am Wochenende kochte sie sogar über, als sich rund hunderttausend Griechen in Thessaloniki, der Hauptstadt der griechischen Region Zentralmakedonien, versammelten, um gegen jeden Kompromiss im Namensstreit mit der nördlich gelegenen „Ehemaligen jugoslawischen Republik Mazedonien“ (engl. FYROM) zu demonstrieren. Zwar ist es das souveräne Recht eines jeden Staates, sich einen Namen zu geben, doch behält sich Griechenland seinerseits das Recht vor, den Beitritt der Republik Mazedonien zur Europäischen Union und zur NATO so lange zu boykottieren, bis eine gütliche Einigung zwischen beiden Ländern gefunden ist.

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FNF Greece: Honouring Greek Liberalism through the “Prometheus Awards”

The liberal award ceremony of “Prometheus 2017” – the first awards for freedom in Greece – were established in 2017 by KEFiM-Markos Dragoumis. The event took place in mid-December in Athens in the presence of more than a hundred prominent guests. Well-known actor George Angelopoulos hosted the evening.

38196580984_080105ac1c_oThe “Lifetime Achievement Award” was presented by Alexandros Skouras, President of KEFiM, to American libertarian Tom G. Palmer. Palmer acts as Vice-President of the Atlas Network and has been a longtime supporter of Greek liberalism. The “Journalist of the Year Award” was awarded to Kostas Stoupas, while Greek cartoonist Arkas was named “Artist of the Year”. Publisher Vangelis Trikeriotis received the accolade on behalf of the well-known but reclusive caricaturist. Lastly, KEFiM’s Executive Director Nikos Rompapas announced the winner in the category “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Nikos Drandakis, founder of the Greek mobile app Taxibeat, received the honors. Continue reading