Meet & Greet Event: The Challenges of Migration in the Middle East and North Africa

Source: BY-SA 2.0

Over two years have passed since the biggest refugee crisis hit Europe since World War II. Still today, it is important for all countries involved to continue exchanging best practices and to enhance their cooperation. Countries of the Middle East and North Africa, especially Jordan, Lebanon and Libya, are among the most experienced countries in the world regarding migration and refugees. Yet, they are facing major problems to implement integration and humanitarian policies. Libya for instance has become the most important transit country for refugees towards Europe since 2011.

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Upcoming event: Journalism and Truth in the Time of Fake News

Source: S _ CC BY 2.0

The phenomenon of Fake News has turned from an obscure corner of the internet to a major canal of (dis)information in just a couple of years. With the presence of online news sources, news delivery is expected to be instantaneous, and journalists and news agencies face pressure to release stories rapidly to keep up with competing media sources.

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Upcoming event: Fighting Populism in Antwerp and Beyond

Populism - Dr. Case
Source: Case_CC BY-NC 2.0


Populism has become a wide spread phenomenon throughout the world. The danger of their backward-looking nostalgia for an idealized past, half-truths and fake news stories pose a threat for free and open societies.

How can and should democracies respond? How can liberal messages be communicated better? In what way can we bring big ideas and visions to the citizens? What solutions tackling populism have already worked on the local level?

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