Upcoming event: Circular Economy: The EU’s next big thing?

James Wang
Copyright: flickr.com/James_Wang_CC_BY_2.0


There are ample reasons for a transition into a Circular Economy. It provides an attractive alternative to the current way of how our resources are used. It influences innovation, creates new business models and has a positive impact on growth and competitiveness of European markets. But the transformation of current patterns into a circular economy is challenging.

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Upcoming Event: The Dutch Elections 2017. The Morning After

Copyright: flickr.com/Roman_Broed_CC_BY_2.0


2017 faces many decisive elections in Europe. The Dutch Elections mark the beginning of the election ‘marathon’ in Europe and is being anxiously observed by liberals not only in the Netherlands.

Can Prime Minister Mark Rutte form a new government with new coalition partners? Will Geert Wilders’ PVV be as strong as polls forecast?

With past elections in mind, also the unexpected can happen on Election Day March 15.

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